Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Welcome to My Stamping Airport

I finally open my blog here, due to my not that good English, wish all of you can understand.. hehee... This is the place I share all the cards with you, I tell my story with you, I record my life with you. I know you will all be there for me.

I wanna say thank you to my dear mom and dad, annie and ocean, thanks to your support.
Thank you marlene for giving me the possibility of starting my stamping life.

Marlene is an incrediable woman with unlimited creative ideas!!!! I really like her card~~~~
here is her blog address :

All the cards I made since I start making card.
(My very first card. )

card I made for O. :)

This card has a sweet name.."天真", can only translate in Chinese, I think. not only the meaning, but the character.

Marlene said it was professional, I was so excited!!!

card for Lingsian, I told her my dream ..only a dream..

card for annie, it is all about you.


marlene said...

Your cards are beautiful! So much better than mine when I 1st started! Keep it on!

Agnes Sim said...

i like your handmade card sooo much!! Good job!!