Monday, March 30, 2009

Hot hot card....

Just made it..haha ..the only reason why I make this card is that..Everytime O asks me why you didn't update your blog!!?? I felt sorry ... So what to make him happy.. I made this card so that I can update my blog liao~~yeah~

I named this card " Garden".Oh, in order to remember the lost gift Sheerah gave.. I put this photo here..marlene said it's called "望梅止渴"...-_-! Thanks Sheerah!!

My card today

Oh...Color Inspiration Challenge on kwernerdesign blog closed just now... ok, fine la...The card I made last night. The first card feels a little bit weird.. ok ...I know I really need some punches now!! Hope my new orders can come quickly!!!I use the free stamps of SU, I got them from marlene last weekend. I never know this set of stamp is so pretty!! I like it!!!

Paper: Taken with teal, Pumpkin Pie (SU), DCWV
Stamps: Ever After, Polka Dot Punches( SU)

Friday, March 27, 2009

Forever Love

Making cards is an amazing thing, not because the making process, but the purpose People want you to make. You can see different people experiences their different live, some people smile, some feel sorrow, some peple left but some come.

Last week a stranger asked me to make a card for a really old couple who have been together for 70 70th wedding anniversary ! I can not imagine that... 70 years, two people still living in the world hand in hand. That's the real romantic love.

The card below is the one I made for my dear friend. She will give this card to a girl who are going to get married next month. This is my best friend's request:" Make a card that is so adorable, that even I would feel struggling to give it away."

Ok, card! Due to the influence by the 70 years thing, I named this card " Forever Love".
Hope we can have our own forever love O. Xixi......-_-!!!

Paper: SU; Stamps: Botanical Blooms Set, Ever After Set, Priceless. (SU); Other: Punch (SU), Ribbon ( bought in China )

Another card I made yeasterday:

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Time We Were Together

Yeasterday Annie and I went to school. We have not been together for quite a while, especially in the school. I think we were all touched when we walking along the familiar road. Spring is coming, which bring us to the last spring. A year passed away. So quickly. I miss the day we were at school. having lunch together every day. Those days will never come back.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Show Us Your SheetLoad

I planed to start learning more in card making by participating in different kind of challenges. So I tried again by using the sketch in the March issue Of SheetLoad. I feel happy cause I found that this kind of learning is really helpful to me,will try next month. :)Paper: DCWV, SU
Stamp: Ever After (SU)
Ribbon&button: China

Friday, March 13, 2009

Color Inspiration #45

I like the style of Kwernerdesign, this blog gave me a lot of inspirations when I am doing my own card. The card there is always clean and nice. Sometimes I am wondering how does all these ideas come!! This is my firsrt time participate the Color Inspiration from Kwernerdesign. White, black and grey are my favourite colours. Marlene encouraged me to do this, so I try~ Use some ideas I used before and then add something new. hehee..... Paper: Black, white, grey (SU)
Stamp: Ever After (SU)
Ribbon: China
Powder: SU

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Shout Out To SheetLoad

Now it's the March 09 and the Shout Out To Sheetload comes again, I still wanna try this month, hehee, you can check the March 09 here to see the fabulous cards in it. Good luck!! !!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy birthday to myself!!

Yesterday was my birthday, I was happy. God is always there for me. Like a gift, Ocean can be in beijing when my birthday came. Thanks God~ I got really great gifts from all of dear my friends!!!Thanks all!!! BaiBai MUA~~~
What I wanna talk here is ........Marlene gave me two stamps with my brand on it!!! oh my god!! so exciting!!
The whole gift set below is from marlene, she made them all by super woman~haha~~Can you see my name?? yeah~~It's just a short post. wanna make cards now. Thanks marlene!!!!!! I like them so much!!
It was a great birthday. Thanks O. xixi~~~

Sunday, March 1, 2009

The First Day In March

I made some cards this weekend. March is always the most exciting month to me. Most of my best friends were born in this month, so do I !!! I suddenly realize that I am a girl born in early spring. hehee. That sounds romantic~~hahaa~ Ok, cards.

I use my new stamp "Botanical Blooms" from SU, cut several flowers and leaves then put them together. Like the sentence " To thine own self be kind".No.2
This card is easy to make. I don't have the Scallop Edge Punch, but I learned something really cool from Claire Brennan's blog. Use the Corner Rounder Punch!! Like you can see below.The pic above is from