Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy birthday to myself!!

Yesterday was my birthday, I was happy. God is always there for me. Like a gift, Ocean can be in beijing when my birthday came. Thanks God~ I got really great gifts from all of dear my friends!!!Thanks all!!! BaiBai MUA~~~
What I wanna talk here is ........Marlene gave me two stamps with my brand on it!!! oh my god!! so exciting!!
The whole gift set below is from marlene, she made them all by super woman~haha~~Can you see my name?? yeah~~It's just a short post. wanna make cards now. Thanks marlene!!!!!! I like them so much!!
It was a great birthday. Thanks O. xixi~~~


marlene said...

Great That you like it :) I still remember last year, i cooked for your birthday :) Wow... 时间过的太快了

I should send you the design file for the stamp i did for you. In case it spoilt, you can redo it for yourself :)

I pray that God continue pray you abundantly :)


Shera said...

wow..... very nice ooo~~~~~~~ Happy Birthday :) Hope it was a great one ^^

Shera said...

hey, saw ur msg. Thanks for dropping by. 有空多来坐坐 ^^

Agnes Sim said...

wow...happy belated birthday! very nice birthday gift. So touching..all handmade.