Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bye 2008.

原本以为自己有很多的话能写下来,可是现在却根本不知道该说什么。第一次对元旦这个节日有那么明显的期待,而回顾以往的每一个元旦自己从来都不把它当作是一个节日。是因为在慢慢成长的关系呢,还是其他? 这个元旦,有了些过新年那样的兴奋,电视里都是些热闹的节目,我好像并不是要去获得些什么祝福,却喜欢在那样的热闹氛围里,而不是一个人。可是面对朋友的邀请,我却不想参与,只想看着电视里别人的喜悦。
BYE 2008. Wish you all happy in 2009.

Monday, December 29, 2008

My Cards Are Sleeping...

I made these cards last night, I am so tired my eyes almost closed when I am stamping. So I think these two cards are not good.. they are sleeping together with me. Until now I still not know what is missing in them. Always think there is a problem.. but ...I do not know.
Last week is tough, I finally got my visa to Malaysia.. hahahahah.... and the final exam is around the corner.
Oh... Life is hard... I have to focus on my cards again!!!
OK, my card.. ai......

Friday, December 19, 2008

Jungle Red.

"i'm gonna own up to my part in all this. how could I share myself with you if I had no idea who I was? I want things now that I've put aside, and I'm gonna get them back. and anybody who is a part of my life is gonna have to want those things for me. This gonna be hard, This is hard work because trust doesn't happen overnight." ---- from The Women

Happy New Year Card No.4

My Happy New Year Collection

I make some cards for the coming holidays, they need to be quick making but also pretty, so I tried... they r simple, I use red and black... inspired by a runway show in a movie called " The Women", I like that movie, it really taught me a lot about trust and friendship...

ok... cards~~~ if have time, I want to add 2 more cards.. black and white.. the cards below has a order to show up.. like the runway show.. one by one but connected. I know there is a long way to go in my card making life, I will be really happy if you can give some suggestions of my cards.hehee..



Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Welcome to My Stamping Airport

I finally open my blog here, due to my not that good English, wish all of you can understand.. hehee... This is the place I share all the cards with you, I tell my story with you, I record my life with you. I know you will all be there for me.

I wanna say thank you to my dear mom and dad, annie and ocean, thanks to your support.
Thank you marlene for giving me the possibility of starting my stamping life.

Marlene is an incrediable woman with unlimited creative ideas!!!! I really like her card~~~~
here is her blog address :

All the cards I made since I start making card.
(My very first card. )

card I made for O. :)

This card has a sweet name.."天真", can only translate in Chinese, I think. not only the meaning, but the character.

Marlene said it was professional, I was so excited!!!

card for Lingsian, I told her my dream ..only a dream..

card for annie, it is all about you.