Thursday, April 9, 2009

Shout Out To SheetLoad

I know it was quite a long time I did not update my blog... I was so busy with my degree paper..Oh... so tired... But I have to say something here!!I won the March Grand Prize of Sheetload last saturday!!!

See the link here: I was so exciting that so happy.. I have to make more cards and take part in more challenges..Thanks to Sheetload! Thanks to all my dear firends, Marlene!! Liza!! Shera!!Thank you all!!
Sheetload is now have their April 2009 issue sponsored by The Greeting Farm, remember to visit!!Below is the gift I can get from Sheetload of cards. They are on the way to China! Yeah~My very first gift I get by my own!! I will put them into vivienne's old library~:)


marlene said...

So happy for you! Yippee!

Liza Yon said...


Agnes Sim said...

congrate to u! i saw u win the prize ;-)