Friday, March 27, 2009

Forever Love

Making cards is an amazing thing, not because the making process, but the purpose People want you to make. You can see different people experiences their different live, some people smile, some feel sorrow, some peple left but some come.

Last week a stranger asked me to make a card for a really old couple who have been together for 70 70th wedding anniversary ! I can not imagine that... 70 years, two people still living in the world hand in hand. That's the real romantic love.

The card below is the one I made for my dear friend. She will give this card to a girl who are going to get married next month. This is my best friend's request:" Make a card that is so adorable, that even I would feel struggling to give it away."

Ok, card! Due to the influence by the 70 years thing, I named this card " Forever Love".
Hope we can have our own forever love O. Xixi......-_-!!!

Paper: SU; Stamps: Botanical Blooms Set, Ever After Set, Priceless. (SU); Other: Punch (SU), Ribbon ( bought in China )

Another card I made yeasterday:


Juanita said...

I love how you worded it, it is so much more than me being creative, it is sending these artworks into the hands of real people with amazing stories!
Beautiful cards.

Shera said...

oh, these are simply adorable ooo..... and i like ur name "forever love" for your card. very very sweet ^^