Monday, February 23, 2009

Birthday Card For Z

I got my new card making toys last week, hahaa. Thanks Liza, marlene and cynthia!!
Tonight I finally have time to play... with my new stamp set Branch Out. This is a quick card, just for Z. Happy birthday!!!!!
Spring is coming, we will be all right :) This is why I make this card for you. yes, spring is coming.
Hello! World~


Shera said...

wa..... hao mei oh!!!.... i cant type chinese in office... hahaha..... wish i can go into ur picture and sit under that tree ^^

Vivienne said...

to shera- when can you get your new toys?! your new cards for liza and marlene are so pretty~~

Shera said...

thanks!! i love this card leh... the tree is really really nice. then the 2 butterflies under it just makes it even more perfect! :)

my toys, i think i'll get mid of march gua, when marlene's brother come back from beijing. cant wait cant wait (like impatient kid)... haha

Vivienne said...

to shera,yeah~ it's the new stamps!so cool~~~~~

marlene said...

WOW! When is my turn to play with my toy? :( I didn't buy this set :( but i love this!

Vivienne said...

wow~ you show up~~ Miss you a lot!!!! I found the difference in my life if you r not in will get your toy soon~